The city of Laktasi possesses immense natural and man-made potentials for development of tourism. It is located between the cities of Gradiška and Srbac in the north, Prnjavor in the east, Celinac in the south, and Banja Luka in the west.

It is 20 kilometres away from Banja Luka, the largest town in Republic of Srpska and the second largest town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is famous for Spa situated in the center of Laktasi town. Mahovljani Airport, located just 3 km away from the spa is one of four airports in BiH: Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla registered for international traffic.

Being situated at important road junctions connecting the Panonian area to the Adriatic Sea, the area was and still is the region that connects people. The combination of the mountains Kozara and Crni vrh and the plane of Lijevče polje, contribute the rich offer based on centuries old tradition of spa tourism in Laktaši.



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